Our experience covers the entire range of technologies spanning your enterprise needs; from the legacy to the cutting-edge.

Volcy Ventures Consulting LLC Services strategy aims at enabling an OnDemand organization. It is based on the premise that the architecture, infrastructure, information and processes are the building blocks of an agile enterprise trying to transform itself.

Volcy Ventures Consulting LLC Services has a keen focus on leveraging emerging technologies through ongoing research through Centers of Excellence, and through alliances with best-of-breed technology vendors.

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Our supported tecnologies & techniques

  • EAI
  • Middleware - MOM and CORBA
  • Content/Document management & Workflow
  • .NET
  • J2EE
  • UML and Model-Driven Architecture
  • ESB and Federated Portals
  • Business Process Management Systems

  • Business Rules Engines
  • XML Accelerators
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Information Management
  • B2B/EDI
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Performance Management
  • E-commerce servers
  • Other Internet technologies